Important Message, the original Tile Heritage Foundation website, is no longer being maintained by its Webmaster and Tile Heritage has no access to the site to make any changes.

What’s happening…

The most exciting news of the moment is the introduction of, the Foundation’s new and exclusive website. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Web Designer Julia Murray, we are now on line and will be doing our best to keep you current. Please take a minute or two and check things out.

Link to the new Tile Heritage website NOW!

ARE YOU LINKED? If you have a website, link to, the newly established, official site of the Tile Heritage Foundation. On the Home Page, click on "Who Supports THF?" If you find your name or the name of your business, an immediate link can be established. Simply email with your website address and we will link you up!

NOT LINKED? If you have a website and you are not listed in "Who Supports THF?" you may still link up. The charge is $100 a year, payable up front, and includes a Tile Heritage "Centurian" membership. If you are already a THF member, send us the difference between $100 and your last membership contribution along with your website and we will link you up!

NEED A LINK? If you don't have a website, we will create a page for you, linked to the Tile Heritage website. Send us an image in jpeg format no larger than 4" x 6" @ 72 dpi resolution (or mail us a slide or print). Include a paragraph (limit 100 words) about who you are and what you do along with your contact information. The text should be placed in the body of an email; the image should be sent as an attachment. Cost: $100 a year including a Tile Heritage "Centurian" membership. Payments may be made quarterly by our debiting your credit card.