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TILES OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS   ::  September 10-17, 2006

Registration forms for the conference are now available. Click Here!

“Tiles of the Northern Plains: Building on Tradition,” an 8-day tile conference in Duluth and Minneapolis, September 10-17, 2006, is being presented by the Handmade Tile Association and the Tile Heritage Foundation. The program consists of workshops, tours, exhibitions, and lectures focused on the historic and contemporary ceramic tiles and mosaics in the area. The event will culminate in a one-day Tile Festival and Sale at the American Swedish Institute on Saturday, September 16th that is open to the public. For more information and a registration form visit www.tileheritage.org.

The “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota is not only beautiful, it is an area rich in cultural history with people who are proud of their heritage and ready and willing to share it. The prosperity in the region evolved in the latter half of the 19th century when the influx of immigrants, mostly from Scandinavia, settled a land abundant in natural resources. While agricultural, lumber and mining interests consumed the countryside, a manufacturing base developed in the cities. The resulting construction boom resulted in an unprecedented demand for ceramic surfacing materials for both residential and commercial properties, and today there is evidence of historically important decorative tiles, terra cotta and mosaics everywhere, all of which are worthy of observation and further research.

“Tiles of the Northern Plains: Building on Tradition,” the 11th conference of its kind presented by the Tile Heritage Foundation, each one in a different part of the country, offers participants an in-depth look at America’s ceramic heritage through lectures, tours, exhibitions and workshops. By focusing on the achievements of both early and contemporary tile makers and exploring the context that has spawned this creativity, the conference serves to enhance the appreciation of ceramic tile as a significant decorative art form and an important part of America’s cultural heritage. More information and a registration form can be found at www.tileheritage.org.

The Program at a Glance: September 10-17, 2006

Workshops in Minneapolis begin on Sunday, September 10th and include tile and mosaic installation procedures, making tiles from scratch, fused and cast glass tile making, glazing technology, and the fundamentals of mosaics, all taught by local artists. Bus tours of significant installations and exhibitions in Duluth begin on Wednesday, September 13th. The highlight will be private tours and a banquet at the historic Glensheen Mansion where Michelle Lee, News Anchor at NewsCenter 6 in Duluth, will delve into the history of Moose Lake’s Nemadji tile. The program in Minneapolis starts with a reception at Clay Squared to Infinity on Thursday evening including the awarding of prizes in the national juried tile exhibition, “One Square Foot.”

On Friday the Minneapolis Institute of Arts will roll out the red carpet in celebration of its newly completed addition; participants will be engaged there by a series of lectures by prominent scholars and by tours of the magnificent museum. Friday evening the group will gather for a reception and dinner at the Holiday Inn Metrodome where the keynote will be presented by Eric Astrachan, Executive Director of the Tile Council of North America.

Saturday, September 16th, will be another full day at the American Swedish Institute for the 5th annual Minnesota Tile Festival. For those not selling tiles or participating in the day’s activities, there are historic tile sites around the Twin Cities where special arrangements have been made to showcase historic tiles. And finally on Sunday, September 17th, specially designed for mosaic enthusiasts, a bus will tour contemporary mosaic installations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Featured Presenters: A Talented Group

Eric Astrachan, the Executive Director of the Tile Council of North America, will present the keynote address, “Decorative Tile: An American Success.” In an era of unprecedented global competition and increasing import penetration, US decorative tile makers have survived and thrived through their hard work, passion, and ingenuity.

David Dahlquist, a nationally recognized public artist from Des Moines, will talk about the evolution of his work from vessel-maker to the design and fabrication of large-scale public art installations.

Ken Forster, author, collector, dealer from Virginia, will provide a history of the ceramics program at the University of North Dakota under the supervision of Margaret Cable, born and raised in Minnesota, during her 39-year tenure.

Sharra Frank, Minneapolis mosaic artist who specializes in decorative and fine art mosaics, is recognized by the ornate detail, texture and color created through her palette of glass, beads and mirror.

Norma Hanlon and Kirsten Walstead, a mother-daughter team of nationally known tile makers at Somi Tileworks in Minneapolis, will lead a hands-on workshop creating dimensional or high-relief ceramic tiles.

Chris and Stacey Kelly at FK Art Glass in Minneapolis will host two workshops, one on fused glass tile and the other on cast glass tile. Having worked as a team in glass for over 10 years, the couple has participated in nationally juried art fairs.

Karin Kraeme r, ceramic artist at Duluth Pottery who specializes in maiolica painting, will host the 2-day tour in Duluth. She has taught at the Duluth Art Institute, and presently teaches ceramics at Lake Superior College.

Michelle Lee, author, collector and News Anchor at NewsCenter 6 in Duluth, will discuss the history of Moose Lake’s famous Nemadji Pottery that “sparked” the post-fire economy in the Northland.

Mercedes Mattila, head mosacist at Mercury Mosaics in Minneapolis, provides an open studio setting where participants in her workshop will create their own mirror surround with gorgeous handmade tiles.

Roger Mayland and the staff of North Prairie Tileworks in Minneapolis will outline the use of Ian Currie’s Grid Method for developing a base glaze.

Jennifer Komar Olivarez, curator, author and scholar, will address the life and accomplishments of the Scottish-born tile designer John Moyr Smith, who established his reputation with figurative picture tiles while working at Mintons in the 1870s.

Eric Rattan, general contractor, designer, stone mason, award-winning ceramist and mosaicist, will offer a 3-day workshop focused on the permanent installation of mosaic and handmade tile commissions.

Sabra Waldfogel, an architectural historian from Minneapolis, will examine contemporary tiles, illustrating the connections between the Arts and Crafts originals and their modern heirs.

Registration forms for the conference are now available.
Click here!

Last Chance to Contribute Tiles!

As we mentioned in June’s “E-News,” we have a Silent Auction planned for Minneapolis as well as a Tile Festival and Sale at the American Swedish Institute on September 16th. This is your final opportunity to contribute tiles! Simply click on the adjacent image to get a Printable Version of the form. All the necessary instructions are on the form. The proceeds from the sale of these tiles each year provides major financial support for the Foundation’s educational programs. You get your work exposed to hundreds of tile enthusiasts and get your name listed as a donor on the Tile Heritage website! It’s a win-win for all of us.

“Going to Pieces: FancyFool Clay & Mosaic.”

A fun time was had by all at the July 7-9th clay & mosaic workshop hosted by Donna Billick in Davis, California:
“Going to Pieces – FancyFool Clay & Mosaic.” The workshop was especially designed for educators, K-12 and beyond. The focus was to assist classroom teachers and art educators in honing personal skills in the clay and mosaic medium and providing the necessary tools to promote and incorporate these types of projects into existing curriculum for a high level of student involvement. Donna taught all of the techniques for the integration of handmade clay pieces into the structure of a mosaics as well as the fabrication process itself.

“I was totally inspired by the workshop. I've already gotten my PTA to match art department funds to have Donna come and do a mural with my ceramics students. I can see so many applications for this art form. The workshop opened my eyes to mosaic's potential.” Susan Lewis, teacher, Davis, CA

“I’m an art teacher. I’ve participated in a lot of workshops to expand my skills and bring new energy to the classroom. This is far the best workshop I’ve taken.” Holly Clifford, art teacher, Ft. Worth Country Day School, Ft. Worth, TX.

“I’ve worked with Donna before in my school, and we’ve accomplished a lot of great student art. I want to do more. Now I feel confident that I can orchestrate it with the enhanced skills I’ve learned.” Julie Herdell, Headmaster, St. Helena CA.

This workshop was a Tile Heritage “Keeping the Craft Alive” summer workshop. Donna Billick volunteered her time in support of this educational program. She serves as a member of the THF board of directors.

Thanks Donna!

Deadline for ordering Decorative British Tiles

In June, I forgot to give you a deadline for ordering Chris Blanchett’s new 3-volume book, 20th Century Decorative British Tiles, a colorful and informative treatise filled with historical detail and tons of colorful tiles! The books consist of two volumes covering the commercial manufacturers in alphabetical order and a third volume that focuses exclusively on craft and studio tile makers.

The books are available now, and we will be placing our order with the publisher on August 18th. Each volume is $69.95. For this initial order we would like to offer our members the set at a discounted price as we did with Norman Karlson’s Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles. The base price is $209.85 to which your discount applies. Add to this 7.75% sales tax if you’re a California resident and an additional $10 to cover shipping/handling. You must order a complete set to qualify.

Member discounts are as follows: 5% for those who contribute up to $100 a year in membership; 10% for our Centurian ($100) members; 15% for members who contribute more than $100 a year in membership; and 20% for our publishing sponsors. The best way is to fax us a Book Order Form.

Click here for a Book Order Form, print it out and then fax it to 707 431-8455 with a credit card (don’t email your card number please). We will take care of the rest.

Oh yes, the deadline, I almost forgot: August 18th.

New and Upgraded Historic Tile Catalogs

Take a minute and check out the historic tile catalogs we have for sale. We have added a number of new catalogs this year, and we have upgraded some older ones. Click here for a current listing.

Among the new catalogs are two rare ones from the Alhambra Tile Company, Newport, Kentucky dating back almost 100 years; two Batchelder fountain catalogs; the Handbook of Decorative Tiles from Malibu Potteries; a ceramic mosaic catalog from National Tile Co.; the 1912 catalog from Rookwood Pottery; four issues of Tile Illustrated magazine featuring pictures of period installations; and a little gem from Wheatley Pottery Co.

We have also upgraded the following: Mosaic Faience Tiles; Muresque Tiles; Rookwood Pottery “ Faience Tile”; and Tiles by Sparta.

Register now for the MN conference! No need to bring your skates!

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