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Company/Organization: ________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________ Fax: ______________________________

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ARCHIVE RETRIEVAL FEE. A fee of $20 is charged when the documents requested are readily available from
the THF Library and no research is required. Includes up to five (5) photocopies and mailing at no charge.

INITIAL RESEARCH FEE. The initial fee for research is $50. This fee will pay for up to one hour of research
by THF staff, up to ten (10) photocopies, and shipping. Please note that there is no guarantee that information will be
found. The fee covers the cost of providing the service.

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH FEES beyond the initial request:
$40 per hour (charged in half hour increments).
$0.50 per photocopy (plus tax), and $7.00 for shipping.

If additional research is required for your request, would you like us to:
[ ] Notify you prior to proceeding
[ ] Proceed with a limit of $ ________
[ ] Other (explain):
I authorize the above specified additional research (signature required).

Signature:_______________________________________ Date:______________

Please be specific. List full names, places, dates, etc. Use back of page if additional room is necessary.


Make your check payable to: Tile Heritage Foundation. Please be sure to return this form with your check.

You may also pay by credit card: Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

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Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Research requests will only be processed upon receipt of both this form & your payment.

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Phone: 707 431-8453. Fax: 707 431-8455.