Sligo Creek Tile Company
Takoma Park, Maryland

Sligo Creek Tile Co., owned and operated by Lynn and John Hume, is nestled in the basement of the Hume's home on Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park, just north of the District of Columbia. There is just enough room for John, his handmade press, his electric kilns, mold storage, and the cats. But because of their numbers, the cats are relegated to the upper floors despite their willingness to "assist" the determined tile maker. For them it would look like fun were they to witness John swinging from the long handle when pressing, then resting it on his head when removing the mold from the press. These are handmade tiles every step of the way. Fresh from the mold, the soft clay would yield so nicely to a cat's paw!

Sligo Creek tiles have a distinct appearance once fired. Like many tiles from the Victorian era, they're low relief designs in porcelain accented by a variety of transparent glazes that pool and flow, highlighting each design. Opaque glazes are also available. Some of the newer tiles are polychrome using the cuenca technique, raised edges that keep glaze colors separate. The couple also produces architectural pieces designed especially for fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms.

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