Billick Rock Art
Davis, California

Donna Billick traces time in the earth, out of which she makes "Rock Art." Her Rock Art includes ceramics, tiles, mosaics, terrazzo and cement. For many years Donna has been involved in public projects in California and around the world. She was influenced by the University of California at Davis Art Department of Bob Arneson, Wayne Tiebaud, Manuel Neri and Roy Deforest. Ceramics was her specialty. She has a well-established studio in Davis, serves on the Art in Public Places committee for Sacramento, and teaches at UC Davis in addition to conducting workshops around the country.

Donna has served on the Board of Directors of the Tile Heritage Foundation since 1998. She views THF as providing the perfect connection between historic and contemporary artists, a community from which she can learn about and help preserve ceramic surfaces.

"Wild Child," a sand-blasted ceramic tile, was inspired by a trip to the Sierra Madre in Mexico where she visited Las Pozas, a unique architectural monument hidden in the jungle, the 20-year creation of surrealist, collector, poet, and architect Edward James. The tile is a prototype for a series of 3-dimensional works of similar theme. According to Donna, the image evokes a Shiva-like character engaged in a dance of ecstasy.

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