Ephraim Faience Pottery
Deerfield, Wisconsin
It's more than pottery; it's a lifestyle.

From its founding in 1996 Ephraim Faience Pottery has dedicated itself to the production of high quality ceramic products, including beautiful tiles made by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition. The designs, which fuse organic motifs and forms with rich glazes, are a harmonious union of color and texture. Each tile is pressed individually and then glazed by hand in a rural Wisconsin studio. Being hand-decorated, each tile is slightly different and uniquely beautiful.

As of March 26, 2004 Ephraim Faience Pottery indefinitely suspended the production of tiles. Todd Butzin, mold-maker, presser, and glazer at Ephraim Faience since he joined the company in May 2001, left the company in the spring to pursue "the next phase of his life." Todd was the person with the talent and interest in making tiles and the other pressed and molded items.

All surplus tiles were sold at Arts & Crafts Grand Californian in Anaheim, California, Arts & Crafts San Francisco, and Pasadena Heritage Craftsman Weekend, all held in the fall of 2004.

Visit www.ephraimpottery.com to review the company's current product line.

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