Xinia Marín
StoneHaus Architectural Ceramics
Pensacola, Florida

Xinia Marín is currently a Professor of Ceramics at West Florida University in Pensacola. For the past seven years she has partnered with her husband, Peter King, at StoneHaus Architectural Ceramics in Pensacola where she shares in the production of architectural designs, teaches workshops, and specializes in developing and perfecting glazes. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows in both the United States and in Costa Rica, her native land.

Xinia grew up in a small house only 300 yards from the location of the first European settlement in Costa Rica, "Ciudad de Lodo" (City of Mud); she was deeply influenced by the handful of families in her area who were dedicated to the production of traditional ceramics at home. Years later, through scholarships, she gained her Licenciatura in art (Master's equivalent) from the University of Costa Rica in 1976. Ceramics continued to be her passion and having learned more about the traditional ceramics of Costa Rica, she traveled repeatedly to Guaitil de Nicoya near Costa Rica's Pacific Coast where all the families in this small rural town made ceramics. There, she learned not only many pre-Columbian techniques but also many of the local myths and superstitions regarding the making of ceramics.

Today, Xinia works with more contemporary styles and techniques beside her husband at StoneHaus. In October 2001, the couple mounted a magnificent exhibition of their work at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC to coincide with the Tile Heritage "Tiles in the Capital" symposium. Even with Xinia's current success, she still retains her childhood passion for the traditional ceramics of the "Ciudad de Lodo."


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