THF: Tile of the Month ~ January 2007

Winged Dog Tile
Sacramento, California

Winged Dog Tile blends the skills and talents of a sculptor and a graphic designer to create detailed, embossed surfaces for unique tile installations in the kitchen, the bath, or the garden.

David Vargo and Sandra Cosner have been designing handcrafted tiles since founding Winged Dog Tile in 1992. The environmental imagery found in their decorative tiles reflects a love of the California Delta and wetlands.

Many of their tiles are designed to create a repeating pattern or work as a set with finished end tiles. A full line of field and trim tiles complement the embossed designs. Orders are custom glazed in a wide range of gloss and matte colors.

Winged Dog Tile is a small tile company with a huge dedication to producing well-crafted, handmade tile.


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