Amatrix Studio
Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Amatrix Studio Art Tile & Mosaics are hand-crafted in the home studio of Bucks County artist Donna Franchi Hofstaedter. During the fall of 2002 Donna apprenticed at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA. Amatrix tiles and mosaics are crafted using many of the same turn-of-the-century techniques used by Henry Chapman Mercer.

Donna Franchi is a juried member of the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen and a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists. "The question I am most often asked is 'Where do you get your design ideas from?' It's a difficult question to answer because I draw inspiration from many different sources. Sometimes I create tile art to express an emotion - joy, anger, sorrow. Other times my work is an visual representation of an idea which I think warrants expression. Many times I create a piece just to test my skills as a ceramic artist. I like to experiment with the materials to get a better understanding of how they react to certain kinds of manipulation. Once I feel I've mastered one technique, I set new goals for myself and see if I can expand on the skills and knowledge I've gained - which can be very frustrating because it's very rare that a finished piece turns out great the first time you are using a new design, glaze formula, mold or firing schedule. And sometimes I make a tile or mosaic 'just because' - just because it would be fun to do so. Spiders?! Sure, why not?"    Visit

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