Symmetry Tile Works
Epping, New Hampshire

Each work of art, each tile, from Symmetry Tile Works incorporates both visual beauty and expert craftsmanship. The designs are inspired by nature and each is as unique as a single snowflake; no two tiles will ever be the same. The designs are created using both naturally found objects and replicas of wildlife. The stoneware clay is glazed with vibrant high-fire glazes and fired to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit in a propane-fired car kiln. They emerge after cooling with a spectacular glossy surface.

Robert Rossel, the founding artist at Symmetry Tile Works, is assisted by his wife Kerstin. The couple has worked with thousands of school-age children creating public art installations made up of individually textured and glazed 6" tiles. Scores of murals adorn the walls of schools throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, each telling a story of the local community.

Robert's artistic inspiration is generated from his deep respect and reverence for nature. Weathered rocks, the churning ocean and the deep and changing colors of the horizon fascinate him. The influence of great, old trees and small, quiet flowers as well as the vast and expanding galaxy can be found in his work. Rob's artistic process fluctuates between intense and powerful energy much like the grand finale at a fireworks display and the quiet and meditative feel of a Zen garden.

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