RTK Studios
Ojai, California

Established in 1979, RTK Studios in Ojai, California, has resurrected techniques used in the potteries of the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 1900s. Richard Thomas Keit and Mary Catherine Kennedy create hand-glazed art tile using original as well as historic designs and murals. Their glazes are formulated and batched in-house, utilizing one of the most extensive glaze pallets in the world-over 30,000 exclusive formulas.

As artisans steeped in the tile making traditions of a bygone era, they bring the Old World craft of the legendary Malibu Potteries and Catalina tileworks back to life. The couple designs and produces tile patterns, liners, murals, and treatments for fountains, pools, floors (including tile rugs), staircases, baths, kitchens, benches and more.

They apply a waxy outline of the chosen pattern and then, with a bulb syringe, hand-paint the colors, carefully filling each area with a full-bodied glaze. After thorough drying, each tile is subjected to the intense heat of a closely monitored kiln resulting in an extremely durable element of beauty.

Check out the Catalogue and Gallery at www.rtkstudios.com.

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