Wandering Fire Pottery & Tile Works
Toronto, Ontario

Wandering Fire tiles are part of the craftsperson's genre: a handmade object in the spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement in which the artist designs and makes each piece without the use of industrial machines. The tiles fall within the tradition of historical ceramic tiles that display mythologies or important historical events.

Each tile is hand-glazed by brush painting. Color variation is inherent to the glaze and shape of each and every tile as is desired in the handmade product. Accent tiles range in size from 2x2 to 12 x12. Field tiles are available in various sizes to match the accents. Custom design work is offered for stair risers, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. The tiles are designed to be accents that fit into a larger design theme.

From Mary Philpott, designer and tile maker at Wandering Fire Pottery & Tile Works:

"Part of the joy of being a craftsperson is in creating a part of the world that one imagines. Those images in their rendering convey meaning in a historical context. My work focus is on the decorative application of imagery on a form or surface. The tile work is made from porcelain. All pieces are carved by hand and hand-pressed in limited production, then glazed with transparent, glassy jewel tones of emerald, iron yellow, sky blue and crimson.

Sources of inspiration are ever expanding. Much of my work is inspired by Gothic architectural carvings from cathedrals, stained glass and manuscript illuminations; the tile work and pottery of the Ottoman Empire; Victorian majolica; Provencal pottery and textiles; and the Arts and Crafts designs of William Morris and his contemporaries. Patterns, heraldic devices and mythologies from each of these sources weave together to form a background from which I draw."

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