Carrie Anne Parks-Kirby
Alma, Michigan

Within a year of earning her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1981, Carrie Anne Parks-Kirby was invited to join the faculty at Alma College in central Michigan where she is now a professor of art and design. Her teaching areas include drawing, ceramics, 3-D design, and sculpture. Her work reflects an ongoing interest in historical, architectural, and ceramic forms while exploring contemporary themes through personal, often autobiographical, imagery.

Parks-Kirby has shown special interest in architectural tile work and environmental sculpture, while many of her figurative drawings and ceramic sculptures have been exhibited nationally and published in numerous books on contemporary ceramics. She has also completed several public art tile installations, often in collaboration with her art students.

"I first began making tiles in college - as a solution to the problem of building large environmental sculptures in a studio space the size of a large closet. Before long, the modular repetition of tiles became an important element in my imagery. As color has become more important in my work, my tiles have become more decorative and provide me with opportunities to explore the elements of pattern and relief."


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