Antiquity Tile
"Flor de Pablo" - Burnt Umber - 8" x 8" x 1/2"
Wood-fired, relief tile, 2008.
Tile Heritage Collection. Gift of Bradley Wiseman.

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Antiquity Tile, Wiseman/Spaulding Designs
Hampden, Maine

Antiquity Tile, Wiseman/Spaulding Designs, was founded in 1990 on a farm in rural Maine. Much like a village pottery of yesteryear, tiles are wood-fired and to a high enough temperature to make them vitreous, suitable for use outdoors in northern climates. As in old world cottage industries, the clay artists and artisans are local people, invested in the quality of their creations and involved with their families and community as well as the environment.

Antiquity is conscious of the importance of being "green." Clay and glaze scraps are reconstituted and recycled back to useable clay and glaze for more tiles. The fuel for the wood kilns comes from recycled scrap wood from many furniture shops throughout Maine where, formerly, the scrap wood was going to landfills. "As we take from our environment, we like to give back a product that is pleasing to the eye and made so with a constant effort to make things green."

Reminiscent of ancient craft and mythical times, Antiquity Tile's collection of tiles, liners, plaques and fountains add the texture of history to any setting. See the extensive collection at