Tiles of the Northern Plains:
Building on Tradition

September 10-17, 2006 (Sunday through Sunday)
Presented by the Handmade Tile Association and the Tile Heritage Foundation.

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Revisiting Minnesota

The Tile Heritage Foundation was invited by the Handmade Tile Association to celebrate the 5th anniversary of “Tiles in the Twin Cities,” the symposium we presented together in 2002. It’s always the people and places that make these conferences “work,” and we all were confident that we could put together a program that would attract a diverse audience, including those who attended four years ago. You will witness firsthand the remarkable achievements of local tile makers and mosaic artists as well as the historic traditions that have nurtured this development.

The “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota is not only beautiful, it is an area rich in cultural history with people who are proud of their heritage and ready and willing to share it. The prosperity in the region evolved in the latter half of the 19th century when the influx of immigrants, mostly from Scandinavia, settled a land abundant in natural resources. While agricultural, lumber and mining interests consumed the countryside, a manufacturing base developed in the cities. The resulting construction boom required ceramic surfacing materials for both residential and commercial properties, and today there is evidence of tiles and terra cotta everywhere.

The Handmade Tile Association has harnessed these ceramic traditions, forming a group of artists that has made extraordinary progress in promoting tiles and mosaics in the Midwest. Its annual directory, distributed to the architectural and design communities, provides information on its members’ tile work in full color and sets a standard (and a high one) for like organizations around the country. The mission of the group is to advance the craft through mutual efforts toward a shared vision.

The Tile Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit, charitable organization, is dedicated to promoting an awareness and appreciation of ceramic surfaces in the United States and serves as a major voice in the preservation of rare and unusual installations, enhancing the visibility of contemporary tile work as well.

The Program at a Glance: September 10-17, 2006

At Tile Heritage we believe that diversity invites company. We like the idea of offering a wide variety of activities, including time when we all can get together.

Workshops in Minneapolis begin on Sunday, September 10th and end on Friday the 15th. Tours in Duluth begin first thing Wednesday morning (better get there the night before) and last until mid-afternoon the next day. The highlight will be private tours and a banquet at the historic Glensheen Mansion. The program in Minneapolis starts with a reception at Clay Squared to Infinity on Thursday evening including the awarding of prizes in the national juried tile exhibition, “One Square Foot.” On Friday the Minneapolis Institute of Arts will roll out the red carpet in celebration of its newly completed addition, and we will be engaged there during the day sitting in on our lectures of choice and touring the magnificent museum in between. That evening we’ll gather for a reception and dinner at the Holiday Inn where the keynote will be presented by Eric Astrachan, Executive Director of the Tile Council of North America.

Saturday will be another full day at the American Swedish Institute for the 5th annual Minnesota Tile Festival. For those not selling tiles or participating in the day’s activities, there are historic tile sites around the city where special arrangements will be made for you to visit. And finally on Sunday, specially designed for mosaic enthusiasts, a bus will tour contemporary mosaic installations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Duluth & Minneapolis Accommodations

A 2-1/2 hour drive separates Duluth and Minneapolis. We are anticipating that because the first half of the conference is in Duluth (except for those attending workshops) and the second half is in Minneapolis that most people will choose to fly into Minneapolis if coming from out of state. We have no plans to hire a bus to carry people from Minneapolis to Duluth; we assume attendees will team up with friends, rent a car and drive. We have also scheduled most of the workshops in Minneapolis to end early enough on Wednesday, Sept. 13th, for people to drive to Duluth in time for the reception, dinner and lecture at the Historic Glensheen Mansion that evening.

In Duluth there will be bus tours of historic and contemporary tile sites and exhibitions beginning first thing Wednesday morning culminating at the Glensheen Mansion that evening where we will be asked to serve as tile detectives at this glorious 4-story historic home. The next day we will visit additional sites that will end in the afternoon in time for people to drive themselves back to Minneapolis for the reception at Clay Squared to Infinity on Thursday evening.

For those planning to participate in the program in Duluth we have reserved a bloc of rooms at the Hampton Inn of Canal Park for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Sept. 12th and 13th. Rooms facing Lake Superior are $109 per night; those facing the city, $89 per night (includes a complimentary breakfast and free parking). For reservations call 218 720-3000 before August 12th and say that you are with the Tile Heritage Foundation.

If you plan to attend one or more workshops in Minneapolis or wish to participate in Friday’s program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts If you plan to attend one or more workshops in Minneapolis or wish to participate in Friday’s program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Saturday’s Tile Festival at the American Swedish Institute, you’ll want to book a room at the Holiday Inn Metrodome. Call 800 448-DOME. A special rate of $107 has been arranged for the Tile Heritage Foundation. Reservations must be made by August 23rd to guarantee this rate. Parking will be an additional $10.50 per day if charged to your room. The hotel is located east of I-35W, just north of the I-94 freeway. If flying into Minneapolis, there is now a Light Rail (less than $3 each way) from the airport to downtown. The Holiday Inn picks up at either the Cedar Riverside station or the Metrodome station. Call the hotel for a ride once you reach the station.


Eric Rattan’s 3-Day Hardhat Workshop
with Eric Rattan

Clay Squared to Infinity
34 Thirteenth Ave. NE, Minneapolis
9-4 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday, September 10-12th. Limit: 15
Fee: $240

Eric Rattan, a general contractor, designer, stone mason, ceramist and mosaicist will offer a 3-day workshop before the Minneapolis conference in September 2006. Workshop attendees will attend all 3 days (Sunday, 9/10 through Tuesday 9/12). Biographical material and a photo album can be found on his website.

The goal of the workshop will be to update mosaicists, ceramists and other interested parties on permanent installation methods for mosaic and handmade tile commissions. Topics are not limited to but include mudsetting, thinsetting, grouting, waterproofing, aggregates, Portland cement, uncoupling, crack isolation systems, building structure, radiant heated tile floors, specialty mortars, sealers, frost-free applications, tools and other professional materials and methods for installations.

Each morning students will attend a 3-hour lecture/slide presentation covering technical considerations for permanent installations. Emphasis will be on developing the students’ technical vocabulary. At the end of the 3-day workshop each attendee will be better able to confer with architects, designers and general contractors.

Afternoons will be hands-on techniques for applying tesserae or handmade tiles for permanent installation. Students will learn thinsetting, mudsetting, concrete and mortar reinforcement, underlayment, membranes for crack isolation and vapor barriers, layout techniques, wet saw cutting and other ‘trade approved’ practices for installations.

Students should attend the 4-hour afternoon sessions wearing work clothing and with two pairs of gloves (1 leather, 1 rubber). Building materials and tools will be supplied by Eric Rattan, but bring trowels and grout floats if you have them. Students are encouraged to bring slides or photos of their mosaics or tilework. Eric will be able to troubleshoot problem areas from good photos, but it has always been enjoyable to simply share pictures as a group. Part of the afternoon session on day 3 will be set aside for personal consultation and/or ‘catch up’ on technical vocabulary.

Creating Dimensional Ceramic Tiles
with Norma Hanlon and Kirsten Walstead

SoMi Tileworks
3920 Nicollet Avenue South #400, Minneapolis
9-12 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12th and 8-10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 15th. Limit: 8
Fee: $125


Learn about creating dimensional or high-relief ceramic tiles during this hands-on workshop at SoMi, a nationally recognized studio that has been producing handcrafted tiles for 15 years. The mother-daughter tile-making partnership of Norma Hanlon and Kirsten Hanlon Walstead will lead you through the process of creating an original tile in clay, creating a one-sided plaster press mold to reproduce your tile and then creating a reproduction of your original tile in clay, which will then be glazed and fired. This class will be three-hours each of two days, Tuesday and Friday.

There will also be time for discussion of setting up a tile studio, seeing examples of tiles by other tile-makers, browsing through books on tile-making and enjoying the SoMi Tileworks showroom. This class is suitable for beginner through intermediate-level students. No previous experience with tiles or clay is necessary.

Developing a Base Glaze Utilizing Ian Currie’s Grid Method
with Roger Mayland and staff

North Prairie Tileworks
2845 Harriet Avenue South, Minneapolis
10-2 p.m. Thursday, September 14th. Limit: 10
Fee: $75

Visit: www.handmadetile.com

The glaze staff of North Prairie Tileworks, Inc. will outline the use of Ian Currie’s Grid Method for developing a base glaze. Participants will be instructed in the principles of the Grid Method and will complete a 35 batch set test. Each participant will leave with their own test as well as have the option of reviewing the results of all participants. Participants are encouraged to secure a copy of Ian Currie’s book Revealing Glazes.

As one of Minnesota's custom tile crafters, North Prairie Tileworks specializes in creating ceramic tile that meets the unique requirements of designers, architects and homeowners creating or remodeling distinguished homes or restoring historic buildings. Their 20 years of designer, ceramic and clay experience are reflected in the high quality and originality of their work. They offer over 50 stock colors, a wide array of shapes and sizes, all made from their own clay and glaze recipes. They also can create custom tiles to your exact specifications.

Fused Glass Tile: An Introduction
with Chris and Stacey Kelly

FK Art Glass
2210 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis
10-2 p.m. Wednesday, September 13th. Limit: 25
Fee: $105
(includes a material fee of $30 per student)

The fused glass class will consist of 2 hours of lecture and demonstration and 2 hours of supervised tile design. Lecture topics will include: safety, kiln operation, glass cutting and handling, types of glass and compatibility, and design layout with practical uses. Demonstrations will cover glass cutting basics and assembly - with before and after examples to give you better ideas of how to make what you want and get it to work!

Students will create unique tiles of their own totaling 36 square inches (one 6x6 or nine 2x2s, etc). This is our normal 8-hour class provided in a 4-hour block. No experience is required. We will give you the information, practice, and resources needed to continue on your own. All tiles will be available for pickup during the tile festival at the FK Art Glass booth - or shipping arrangements can be made.

Having worked together as a team in glass for over ten years, seven as teaching assistants, Chris and Stacy create a variety of products that range from art to architectural.

Cast Glass Tile: An Introduction
with Chris and Stacey Kelly

FK Art Glass
2210 Bryant Avenue North, Minneapolis
10-2 p.m. Thursday, September 14th. Limit: 20
Fee: $110
(includes a material fee of $35 per student)

The cast glass class will cover the basics of casting glass tile with a furnace! It will consist of 1 hour of lecture, 2 hours of mold creation - preparation and 1 hour of furnace casting. We offer this class to provide what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to cast liquid glass from a furnace.

Lecture topics will include: Furnace casting, kiln casting, pate de vere and crucible casting. We will also cover a variety of applicable mold materials and mold making methodology. Mold creation for this class will concentrate on sand casting. We will have a variety of items available to use to make impressions in the sand. By combining these items, your imagination, and the addition of color, you will be able to personalize your own cast glass tiles. Every student will be able to make two 4” x 4” cast tiles of their own design. All tiles will be available for pickup during the tile festival at the FK Art Glass booth - or shipping arrangements can be made.

Having worked together as a team in glass for over ten years, seven as teaching assistants, Chris and Stacy create a variety of products that range from art to architectural.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: A Studio Tour and Demonstration
with Sharra Frank

Studio of Sharra Frank
500 East Grant Street, Suite 1905, Minneapolis
10-12 p.m. Wednesday, September 13th. Limit: 10.
Fee: $30

Visit: www.sharrafrank.com

Mosaic artist, Sharra Frank, specializes in decorative and fine art mosaics. Her artwork is recognized by the ornate detail, texture and color created through an extensive palette of glass, beads and mirror. Her products include elaborate mirrors and custom installations for residential and commercial interiors.

Sharra will demonstrate how she uses intricate and delicate materials to create durable and unique mixed media mosaics. Adhesives, bases, tools and grouting techniques will also be demonstrated using suitable materials: glass, bead, mirror, paper under glass, and found objects. Sharra will then discuss her creative process used during preliminary sketching, brainstorming, implementing a design, selecting colors and materials and how she pushes her existing ideas further.

The studio tour will include the artist’s background, current portfolio, studio management and operation. A brief history of mosaics will be provided touching on materials, methods, artists, organizations, material sources.

During the demos Sharra will have several works in different stages of development to demonstrate how each technique and material is used. Participants will receive handouts and samples of Weldbond and selected materials, such as vitreous glass, mirror and ceramic tile.

Italian Appetizer & Beautiful Mosaic Mirror Class!
with Mercedes Mattila and Daniela Ruggiero

Mercury Mosaics Studio
125 West Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis
10-2 p.m. Wednesday, September 13th. Limit: 12
Fee: $85

Visit: www.mercurymosaics.com

Mercury Mosaics provides an open studio setting where mosaicist Mercedes Mattila will tease the senses with gorgeous handmade tiles, please the creativity of every participant by assisting in the design of their very own mirror, and satisfy hungers with authentic Italian cuisine. All will walk away with a direct set 10” x 10” mosaic mirror (mosaic will be a 3.5” border wrapping around) composed of hand-cut, handmade tiles of varying sizes, thinset cement, a Malma Mirror from IKEA, and a tummy full of specially prepared Italian treats.

Learn how to prepare a wood surface for mosaic tile application, the basic skills in nipping tiles, how to hold nippers in an ergonically-friendly way, and how to trim the edges of handmade tiles to create a smoother edge. Come away with a general understanding of how we make our handmade tiles at Mercury Mosaics, how to place the ceramic tesserae, how to grout the mirrors and to judge the impact of color grout on the overall design. (A grouting demonstration will be given at the end. Grout will be provided for participants to perform their own grouting at a later time.)

The studio is in a former bowling alley with terrazzo floors. The worktables are converted bowling lanes! The ceilings are pitched tin and there is beautiful tilework adorning the whole space.

Mercedes Mattila is a proud member of the Handmade Tile Association and the Minnesota Mosaic Guild, Vice President of the Northside Arts Collective and an active “arty” person. Daniela Ruggiero is a prominent chef from Napoli, who never has leftovers! She teaches Italian at Minneapolis Community College, Whole Foods, Southwest Community Center and Via Scarlatti.

Preview of Exhibitions

Let’s look at the exhibitions that are being planned for Duluth and Minneapolis.

The Infinity Gallery at Clay Squared to Infinity, 34 Thirteenth Avenue NE in Minneapolis is presenting “One Square Foot,” a national juried tile show from July 15th through October 31st. The exhibition will present a broad range of artists’ interpretations of tile as a contemporary art form. All mediums were welcomed. Juror: Jason Busch. Artists’ reception is scheduled for the evening of Sept. 14th when the awards and prizes will be announced.

“Ungrouted: Ceramic Artists Explore the Tile” is being presented by the Duluth Art Institute, Depot , 506 West Michigan Street. Exhibitions Director, David Hodges, explains, “In ‘Ungrouted’ we take the tile off the bathroom floor and hang it on the gallery wall to assay this square of fired clay as a piece of fine art. It is easy to see why a tile is such a perfect contrivance for the expression of artistic ideas. It serves as a sort of blank canvas on the one hand and a multi-dimensional space on the other.” Among the artists involved will be Karin Kraemer, Dave Lynas, Laura McCaul and Bill Goodman. The exhibition will open July 20th, closing on October 29th.

“Tiles of the North,” a contemporary ceramic tile exhibit featuring local artists and members of the Handmade Tile Association, will be hosted by Karin Kraemer at Duluth Pottery, 916 Hammond in Superior, Wisconsin, opening Sept. 4th. Together with Red Mug Espresso next door and other artists in the building, Duluth Pottery assisted in forming the North End Art Council, a creative hub for the arts in the area with classes, art shows, concerts, poetry readings and a community garden. “Tiles of the North” will move to the Ripple River Gallery in Aitkin, Minnesota in mid-October.

The Blue Iris Gallery in Duluth will offer “Contemporary Women Tilemakers: Clay and Glass” September 4 to October 7. The exhibit will feature the work of Pat Joyelle, Penny Clark, Deb LeAir, Mary Jo Schmith, Shane Upthegrove and Moira Sweeney. The gallery is located at 723 Lake Avenue South. Visit

Step back in time at the award winning Fairlawn Mansion , one of America’s Castles. The 42-room Victorian home was built in 1889 by Superior’s three-time mayor, Martin Pattison . Fairlawn recalls the elegance and prosperity of Superior’s early boomtown days as well as the mansion’s unique 42 years as a children’s home. “Orphans,” opening September 11 and running through the 17th, will be a historical exhibition of area tile, terra cotta and stoves from local buildings that are gone. Histories, stories and period photos will accompany the objects. Location: 906 East 2nd Street, Superior, Wisconsin. Following the conference the exhibition will move to the Tweed Museum of Art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

The Sivertson Gallery at 361 Canal Park Drive in Duluth will present a show titled “Building on Tradition: Contemporary Handmade Tiles” September 13 to October 1 highlighting the work of regional artists who create unique contemporary tiles in addition to other sculptural ceramic forms. The exhibit will be a gathering of both artistic styles in order to show the versatility and inspiration of the artists. Participants include Martye Allen, Richard Gruchalla and Carrin Rosetti, Ken and Pat Larson, John Onkka , and Marty Pearson .


In Duluth and Superior, the Twin Ports, on Wednesday and Thursday, September 13-14th:

Karin Kraemer, recipient of a Doty Research Grant to map tile sites in the Twin Ports, will be our host and tour guide for our 2-day stay in the Northland. She has a BFA in Art and Glassworking and a MFA in Ceramics. She works with maiolica glazing techniques for the color, painting possibilities and opportunity for narrative. Her studio, classroom and gallery are located in Superior in the Historic Trade and Commerce Building designed by H.H. Richardson in 1890. She has taught at the Duluth Art Institute, and presently teaches ceramics at Lake Superior College.

At Glensheen in Duluth on Wednesday evening, September 13th:

Michelle Lee, author of The Myth and Magic of Nemadji “Indian” Pottery, will present "Nemadji Tile: An Ember in the Ashes," discussing the history of one of the first local industries to rise from the ashes of the Great Moose Lake Fire of 1918 and serve as a “spark” igniting the post fire economy. When Michelle is not out collecting Nemadji-made products, she is a News Anchor and Journalist at the NBC Affiliate, NEWSCENTER 6, in Duluth.

At the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Friday, September 15th:

David Dahlquist, nationally recognized public artist, will entice us all into the wondrous world of public art. David was the "Artist-In-Residence" at the Des Moines Art Center in the mid-1980s and later worked as an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University. The scale of his work has always been related to architecture, which led him to further develop the relationship between architecture and the history of ceramics, emphasizing the use of tilework and color as a way of integrating a story. As a member of the Governor's Summit on the Arts in the late 1990s, he was charged with involving artists in the design of public projects. David will talk about the evolution of his work from vessel-maker to the design and fabrication of large-scale Public Art installations.

Ken Forster, author of the recently published book UND Pottery -- A History and Comparative Study of the Art Pottery made at the University of North Dakota, will provide a brief history of the Ceramics Department at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and discuss the variety of tiles and tile-similar objects made there under the supervision of Margaret Cable, born and raised in Minnesota, during her 39-year tenure. His topic: “Tile Making at the School of Mines.”

Jennifer Komar Olivarez, curator, author and scholar, will address one of her favored subjects in “John Moyr Smith: The Life Behind the Tiles,” delving into the life and accomplishments of the Scottish-born tile designer who established his reputation with figurative picture tiles while at Mintons in the 1870s. Jennifer is Associate Curator in Architecture, Design, Decoraive Arts, Craft and Sculpture at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In addition to mounting numerous exhibitions at the MIA, she has published various articles and essays on modern architecture and design.

Sabra Waldfogel, an architectural historian from Minneapolis, will examine contemporary tiles with subtl glazes, earth tones, natural motifs, the mark of the maker's hand in “Old is New Again: the Revival of Arts and Crafts Tile” illustrating the connections between the Arts and Crafts originals and their modern heirs. Sabra earned a doctorate in American History and worked as a business writer before turning to her current work as a feature writer. She writes about historic architecture, design, and decorative art, with particular emphasis on the Arts and Crafts style.

At the Holiday Inn, Friday evening, September 15th:

Eric Astrachan, the Executive Director of the Tile Council of North America, will present the keynote address, “Decorative Tile: An American Success.” In an era of unprecedented global competition and increasing import penetration, US decorative tile makers have survived and thrived through their hard work, passion, and ingenuity. Eric will briefly review decorative tile history and then focus on current trends and economic indicators, concluding with recommendations on how the industry can stay strong. Eric has been involved in the growth of the art tile community since 1994, the year TCNA introduced Art Tile Associate membership. In addition to his participation on numerous tile-related committees, he is a member of the board of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, the National Floor Safety Institute, Tile Partners for Humanity, the Responsible Solution for Mold Coalition, and Coverings, the tile industry’s premier exhibition and educational event.

Touring the Twin Ports

Wednesday and Thursday, September 13th and 14th

By the beginning of the 20th century lumber, coal and iron had turned the head of Lake Superior into a thriving metropolis. At one point the percentage of millionaires in relationship to the population was higher than in any other American city. The houses and buildings from this period provide a splendid variety of architectural styles and craftsmanship inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. Although some of these structures are gone, fine examples still exist in the Twin Ports, many with extraordinary tiles and architectural terra cotta.

The bus tour will pick up at the Hampton Inn at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday and head for the 42-room Victorian Fairlawn Mansion in Superior, Wisconsin. We will see the building’s floors and fireplaces and check out “Orphans,” the exhibition of historic tiles. A stop at Karin Kraemer’s Duluth Pottery will come next where the “Tiles of the North” exhibit will be on display. Following a light lunch we will view a number of terra cotta sites in Superior before returning to Duluth. In the afternoon Sacred Heart Music Center, where the tile floors have recently been restored, is on the list followed by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Kithcigummi Club, where Moravian tiles are in abundance.

After a quick stop at the hotel we will tour the historic neighborhoods in East Duluth on our way to the historic Glensheen Mansion, the quintessential Arts & Crafts estate of Chester and Clara Congden. Resembling an English country estate, the house is filled with historic tile walls and floors as well as eleven tiled fireplaces. As tile detectives, we will be treated to private, “after hours” tours, focused specifically on the tile installations, to see who can identify what! A reception and dinner is planned before we hear from Nemadji historian Michelle Lee. We will return you to the hotel shortly after 9.

Thursday morning will start bright and early with a visit to the “Marine Wall,” a ¼-mile tile mosaic depicting the shipping industry on Lake Superior. We’ll then travel to the Depot, the old train station in Duluth, to examine the tile floors and terra cotta and to see the contemporary tile exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute’s Gallery followed by a terra cotta tour of Duluth ending at Greysolon Plaza (the old Duluth Hotel). To whet appetites before lunch we’ll travel up shore to the private home of a cast iron stove collector! Two tile exhibits will follow lunch, one at the Blue Iris Gallery and the other at Sivertson’s Gallery. And finally we see the mystery tiles in Tower Hall at St. Scholastica College. Don’t miss it!

The bus will return everyone to the Hampton Inn by 2:30 where we can jump in our cars for the drive south to Minneapolis and the reception at Clay Squared to Infinity that starts at 6.

5th Annual Minnesota Tile Festival

Saturday, September 16th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
American Swedish Institute, 2600 Park Ave., Minneapolis

The Minnesota Tile Festival , hosted by the Handmade Tile Association , will be a full day of tile-related activities including workshops, demonstrations, tours of the historic Turnblad Mansion with its eleven tile stoves, and a sale of one-of-a-kind art tiles and tile-related artwork from across the United States. The festival will showcase 40 regional and national handmade tile, mosaic, and glass tile artists. Handmade Tile Association members, many nationally renowned, will showcase their art for this one day event.

Twin Cities Contemporary Mosaic Tour”

Sunday, September 17th, 9:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Join mosaic enthusiast Merribeth O’Keefe and others as we visit some of the finest public art mosaics in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This six-hour bus tour of contemporary mosaic installations will feature both community-created and commissioned mosaics and will include stops at a number of interior and exterior installations -- from wall murals, pavements, chimneys, and benches to three-dimensional, figurative sculptures. Some of the artists will be on hand to talk about their creations—made from a wide variety of materials, including handmade ceramic and glass tile, commercial ceramic tile, vitreous glass, smalti, stained glass, mirror, steel, concrete, and stone. As an added bonus, the tour will also include a visit to Lakewood Memorial Chapel , the interior of which was inspired by the mosaics of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice. It’s considered by some to be America’s most stunning example of Byzantine-style mosaic design. A box lunch is included in the tour fee.

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