This dust-pressed tile (4 x 4), probably designed by Herman Mueller, was produced by the American Encaustic Tiling Co. to commemorate the dedication of its new factory in Zanesville, Ohio on April 19, 1892. Tile Heritage Collection. Gift of Riley Doty.

American Encaustic Tiling Co.

Zanesville, Ohio

The American Encaustic Tiling Company, at one time reported to be the largest tile manufactory in the world, was founded in 1875, initially operating under the name Fischer and Lansing. In addition to dust-pressed encaustic floor tiles and standard utilitarian wall tiles, the company produced a wide variety of decorative art tiles as it rapidly grew and expanded its facilities.

By 1890 an enlarged factory was required, and the founders, based in New York, wanted to build it in New Jersey. The people of Zanesville responded by passing a $40,000 bond to purchase land for the company adjacent to the Muskingum River and close to the local railroad.

The new plant was completed in two years and dedicated on April 19, 1892 with a celebration the likes of which was rarely seen at that time. 20,000 people attended the festivities arriving by foot, train, boat and horse-drawn carriage. Governor William McKinley was on hand to congratulate the citizenry for their foresight in maintaining this great company, which remained a boon to their community for the next forty years. The Zanesville plant closed in 1935, a victim of the Great Depression.

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