Artistry in Tile Restoration & Reproduction

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. . . the WOW factor . . . examining the intricacies and artistry of tile preservation and reproduction in nine parts …. a blog by Linda Ellett of L’esperance Tile Works, Rock City Falls, NY
This wonderful series of posts came to our attention at Tile Heritage thanks to Riley Doty, a restoration tile setter who has worked with L’esperance Tile Works. Riley is also a THF board member.

“We've been recreating Victorian and Craftsman style fireplaces for 33 years now, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process from start to finish for a single project.... And so starts Part 1 of a rare expose of tile artistry in the service of preservation and reproduction.” Linda Ellett
This posting is part of a blog created by Lesperance Tile Works founder Linda Ellett for the benefit of all who seek to preserve even the fragments of the built environment.  By all means read through these notes and photos.”  
Part 1: Anatomy of recreating a Victorian tile
Part 2: Reproducing a fireplace tile
Part 3: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 4: How I reproduce Victorian tiles
Part 5; Reproducing a Victorian tile fireplace
Part 6: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 7: My tile reproduction....
Part 8: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 9: Victorian fireplace tile