E-News for Winter 2012

Here’s What’s Below
Year of the Dragon
Here’s Who We Are
Dragons Extracted from Fire
Majestic Facade Preserved
Handcraft Revival
Swimming Pool Restoration
Notes on Batchelder’s Backs
Hamilton Pottery: New Discovery
Historic Tile Lectures at NCECA
Buss Wins Tile Heritage Prize
ATNW Tile Festival
Tile Maker Directories
Payne Creations


E-News for February 2011

Here’s What’s Below
Miracles DO Happen!
Lexington VA Bedecked Floors
Kid Serve: Public Art for Youth
“Las Tres Mujeres”
“October Monopus”
Laguna Features Clay Artists
Tile Directories from ATNW and HTA
Support CERF+
Good News for Installers!
Mike Beightol (1946-2010)
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E-News Spring 2010

Here’s What’s Below!
Winter Bypass
Winter Wins Award
Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies
Tile Heritage Theater at Coverings
Tile Partners Services Humanity
New Books and more
CERF’s Studio Protector
Tiles Needed for Doylestown
Save the Date: Sept. 12th!
Gardiner’s Ceramic Creativity

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