Shards 'n Snippets Fall 2011



Special thanks to YOU for donating tiles for Tile Heritage to sell during the three tile festivals in 2011: the 13th annual Tile Festival at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown last May, and then the 10th annual Handmade Tile Association Festival in Minneapolis and the 5th annual Artisan Tile Northwest Festival in Seattle, both in September.

  As we mentioned in the springtime when we first solicited tiles for the festival in Doylestown, this is the first year since we started soliciting tiles back in 1992 that we did so electronically, by email, avoiding the expense of paper, printing and mailing-a greener and less costly way to go. Your response and support has reinforced this approach, and we are truly appreciative of your generosity!
Each year we list all of our Tile Donors at the THF website 'Supporters' page. In addition to finding your name there, if you donated tiles to more than one festival you will find your name in BOLD print. In addition if you are a current THF Member at the $100 (Centurian) level or above, you will find that your website is linked.

We so appreciate your generosity, providing us with beautiful tiles to sell. The variety of tiles on display on the Tile Heritage tables always creates a unique attraction that draws a crowd. Over the years at each of the festivals we attend, more and more people come with the expressed purpose of scoping out the collection and purchasing contemporary art tiles from Tile Heritage... to specifically support the Foundation.
 In appreciation and with thanks....  YOU make this possible! 
Sheila & Joe