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This is a DONOR wall for POSTERITY to be installed at (TCNA)
Tile Council of North America, Anderson, SC.


Architecture | Book: Design for Good:
A New Era of Architecture for Everyone . .


In his latest book Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone, John Cary highlights 20 buildings from around the globe as examples of ways design-driven architecture can help communities by addressing real-life issues, as well as improving public life. The book’s publisher Island Press says design impacts all aspects of life including health, educations, sense of self-worth, yet all-too-often, is viewed as a luxury.
Information - compliments of Cfile

From Amanda Harris in Toronto: " I collect Art Nouveau / Arts & Crafts tiles, and also occasionally find related items of interest.I have recently acquired an album full of 125 hand drawn renditions of religious delft tiles, some with pencil-written notes linking the illustrations to their appropriate biblical references.

“These were the studies made by one Thomas S Cole, a Toronto ceramics collector, and it would appear, from a newspaper article in the album, that, in 1928, at the age of 84, he was selling some of his collection, and this sale was featured in The Toronto Daily Star (October 13th 1928).

..It states that The Royal Ontario Museum was among 'Institutions and individuals' who were-keen to secure some of his antiques. Presumably he made these drawings of religious Delft tiles in his collection ( called 'plaques' in the article).
I have been unable to trace this man, records of purchases made, or his collection, but feel that it must be of interest to someone, possibly one of your members?”

Tile Top Table Winner Embraces her Prize! 


Regina Taylor (left) is the WINNER of the drawing concluding the Tile Heritage
End-of-the Year Fundraising Drive for 2017. Congratulations!
The table adorned with two vintage Taylor tiles was generously donated for the drawing
Scott Wells and Nancy Mancuso (to the right) of Wells Tile & Antiques in Los Angeles.

Regina, who is a long-time Tile Heritage supporter, sent this note of appreciation:
“Picked up my table from Scott & Nancy at Wells Tile & Antiques and was thrilled to enter this treasure trove of tile and pottery. I will display my table in a special spot in my home. Again, thank you for the wonderful work Tile Heritage has done over the years to keep our history alive and well.”


Tile Heritage is sustained by the contributions of many who are dedicated to the
documentation and continuing development of the index of THF holdings.

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. . They are now a part of a protected landmark . . .

Do you remember seeing these wonderful tile panels over a year ago? They are the THE EMPIRE STATE DAIRY MURALS! they have been SAVED along with the Century old building in Brooklyn to which they are attached!
. . . as noted in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle dated December 5th 2017….
After years of advocacy by local preservationists and a year-long process, the complex at 2840 Atlantic Avenue, better known as the Empire State Dairy, was officially declared a New York City landmark!"

Empire State Dairy

"The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to designate the century-old industrial complex at 2840 Atlantic Ave., which is also known as the Empire State Dairy Company Buildings, as a landmark.
After the Preservation Commission's vote, supporters of the dairy's designation spoke about its significance to the Brooklyn Eagle. “This is the first step in correcting the narrative of East New York,” Farrah Lafontant of Preserving East New York said. Zulmilena Then of Preserving East New York said, “We're extremely happy Landmarks recognized there's a need to protect the building.”

She vowed that her organization will keep working to get the East New York community engaged and involved in historic preservation in the neighborhood.
Susan Tunick, president of the Friends of Terra Cotta, called the old dairy's designation “a tremendous victory for architectural ceramics.”
The new landmark, with its tile murals, will be a “great tool” for educating both East New York residents and tourists, she said."

Happy New Year THF
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Joy, creativity & very best wishes for 2018 to all Tile Heritage Foundation Sponsors, Members, Supporters & Friends.

We sincerely thank you . . .
Your multiple ways of contributing lends measurable strength directly to the Foundation’s role as “Guardian” of American tile history. In 1987 we never imagined what might be accomplished. Your dedicated support and advocacy over these past 30 years have provided valuable structure and resilience to managing the historic and contemporary records of tile companies, installations and related archives, photography, tile collections and library materials.

Tile Heritage staff and volunteers, their thousands of hours, are sustained by your support. They are passionate in their dedication to document and continue to develop the index of THF holdings for posterity.

Your Support makes it all possible!

We are looking forward to having you share in exciting events and activities with us in 2018; the Global Monumental Hand-print Mural Project being one of them! DETAILS!

. . . and 2017 End-of-Year Fundraising Success . . .
Members & Friends of Tile Heritage contributed over $6000 during the last days of December 2017. These funds have matched GRANT FUNDS dollar for dollar, doubling their value for Tile Heritage.


And if you remember . . . Scott & Nancy of Wells Tile & Antiques in Los Angeles gifted Tile Heritage a historic Taylor tile table for an end-of-year contributor (name in a hat!) drawing prize.

We have pulled a WINNER for this lovely table: Tile Heritage long-time supporter, Regina Taylor, and she is delighted!

Thank you Scott & Nancy for being such fine 'cheerleaders' for Tile Heritage. Your contribution is very much appreciated!

The Archives and Collections of the Tile Heritage Foundation . . .The preservation and protection of American tile history
is supported by many companies and individuals in the industry . . .