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William T. Cartwright dies at 92; rescued Watts Towers
An Emmy-winning film editor and producer, William T. Cartwright helped save the Watts Towers from demolition. . . . Also see “I Build A Tower” in THF Special Features

By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times
June 5, 2013, 9:14 p.m.

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Imaginings From Nature
July 12, 2013 - August 25, 2013
FREE Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 6:00PM-9:00PM

Philadelphia Magic Gardens - 1020 South St. Philadelphia, Pa 19147 (map)
Imaginings from Nature is a compilation of whimsical, personal
narratives by local ceramic artist,
Katia McGuirk. In the spirit of
bricolage mosaic-making, McGuirk employs a diverse range of
found objects and handmade materials to assemble tiles, panel
mosaics, and site-specific installation. Her intuitive exploration of
objects which utilizes clay, tile, glass, stone, and metal produces
playful, nature-inspired assemblages that embody the energetic
spirit of tilemakers, educators, and community advocates of the
past, present, and future.

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Oakland Heritage Alliance ( Oakland CA)
Sunday, July 14, 12:30-3 pm
(OHA summer walking tours - On-site, day-of admission: Members $10, General $15 )

* Southeast corner of 17th & Webster Streets (at the Howden Building)
* Tour Leader Riley Doty
We will focus on twenty buildings dating from an era when many downtown facades were surfaced with architectural ceramics. Styles changed from 1908 to 1931 including, in the later years, the introduction of brightly colored glazes. The nature of this medium will be examined, its unique beauty highlighted, and its needs for preservation and restoration explored. From 3:00 - 3:30 there will be an optional tour of the interior of the Howden Building, with a chance to view historic photos. A level walk. OHA Events Site Link

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More lecture details….. and More about the whole Clay Festival

Maw for THF
HISTORIC CATALOGS AVAILABLE ONLINE - THF members have alerted us to these historically valuable catalogs that can be read or downloaded from internet sites. - Maw c. 1866 (?) 1882 U.S. Encaustic  - Gladding McBean c. 1891-1896 - Gladding McBean c. 1904 or 1905 - c. 1905 Minton's

More and more material gets digitized all the time and made available online. This growing list of links will be moved to Special Features where it will permanently reside as a ready reference source.

Bill Clark announces a useful resource for “tileophiles …” “I’ve finally gotten all of the Malibu Adamson House Archives digitized and online – is the web address. Just plug in Malibu tiles as a search term. The Linear Catalog of Malibu Art Tiles is sort of my magnum opus, and can be seen at MP-96C followed by MP-96.1 – MP-96.13. There are many other entries as well – Mayan tiles, tile inserts, all of the tiles at Serra Retreat, the Adamson House and the Santa Barbara Mission, among others. I will doubtless add more tiles/tile collections as time goes on, but this is a good start. The rest of the archives displays our entire collection of historical photographs plus a number of historical documents. Interesting to browse for history buffs! ”

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ClayTimesAd Spring
Date of Exhibitions: August 3, 2013
Location of Exhibitions: Historic downtown,
Silver City, New Mexico 

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Tile Festival May 18 & 19, 2013
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works

130 E Swamp Road (Rte 313), Doylestown PA

Interested in being a vendor?Details here


Resist lines between glaze colors….. Have you ever wondered, “How do you do that?”

Some months ago THF Member, Janet Panozzo ran a workshop for us during a California Heritage Museum event in Santa Monica. Janet was demonstrating and teaching attendees to utilize a product she had recently developed “Artistic Line Resist” which is innovative, allowing designs to be applied by silk screen, stamp, stencil, pipe raised lines, or mixed with a special thinner for brushing and other techniques as well. Check out the workshop pictures! We had a fun and instructive workshop and everyone had a great time. Teachers, leaders of community tile projects, ceramists and tile makers will love this. Check it out further at Janet’s website For more resources for educators and community project leaders visit the THF link: Education/Clay in the Classroom

This is the FIRST in a series of online "VIRTUAL TILE EXHIBITIONS" presented by Tile Heritage Foundation.Tiles, photography of installations and images of ephemera in the Tile Heritage Collections have multiple sources of origin. Where possible, sources are noted within the data supporting images in the ‘Virtual Exhibition.’

The production process was most interesting and engaging and sometimes challenging as I explored the breadth and limitations of the software for the final presentation. Technical assistance from THF volunteer, Alistair Hamilton, was invaluable. The link (below) to the Virtual Exhibition is a combination of AUTOMATIC and MANUAL advance images - with background music (currently only on Safari) . . . Firefox & Outlook - works only in manual advance with two clicks per page change. Alternately the video version has sound on all systems.


"Batchelder Tiles"
AUTOMATIC and MANUAL advance imagery

Alternative view: Exhibition video version

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BigBlendRadio-300x300 More details on SILVER CITY. Big Blend Radio, featured the CLAY Festival on their recent Champagne Sunday show.

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A Natural History Museum in Mosaic Rises in Chile: Isidora Paz López

and ..more fun.
MOSAIC! stuff …

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. . . the WOW factor . . . examining the intricacies and artistry of tile preservation and reproduction in nine parts …. a blog by Linda Ellett of L’esperance Tile Works, Rock City Falls, NY
This wonderful series of posts came to our attention at Tile Heritage thanks to Riley Doty, a restoration tile setter who has worked with L’esperance Tile Works. Riley is also a THF board member.

“We've been recreating Victorian and Craftsman style fireplaces for 33 years now, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process from start to finish for a single project.... And so starts Part 1 of a rare expose of tile artistry in the service of preservation and reproduction.” Linda Ellett
This posting is part of a blog created by Lesperance Tile Works founder Linda Ellett for the benefit of all who seek to preserve even the fragments of the built environment.  By all means read through these notes and photos.”  
Part 1: Anatomy of recreating a Victorian tile
Part 2: Reproducing a fireplace tile
Part 3: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 4: How I reproduce Victorian tiles
Part 5; Reproducing a Victorian tile fireplace
Part 6: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 7: My tile reproduction....
Part 8: Reproducing a Victorian tile
Part 9: Victorian fireplace tile

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Sprigging? Have you ever wondered, “How do you do that?”

This book by veteran ceramist Halldor Hjalmarson is comprehensive - a classic in defining the art and techniques of “sprigging”. Complete step by step processes of mold making to application are explained with simple verbal and visual aides. The book includes chapters on “Rope Tricks”, “Texture Wrap”, and “Stamping”. etc.; 106 pages with more than 200 photographs offer detailed and comprehensive information. Check it out!

THF Member Michael Padwee of Brooklyn, NY has continued adding to his wonderful Tile Installation Sites as well as great information at his Blog Spot! Special attention goes to the Architectural Ceramics of Henry Varnum Poor & Murals from Flint, MI … check it out!

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Northwest Mosaic Art Today Exhibition March 15-April 26,
Tacoma Public Library's Handforth Gallery Reception for the Artists Saturday, March 16th 2-5 PM
More details:
Richard Davis

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. . . also send Tile Heritage your ‘Tile Tales’ . . . email: Share pictures and stories of interesting installations both historic and contemporary as well as restorations and other tile treasures! Submission guide lines

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a Quarter Century of Dedication to the Preservation of Tile History

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