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Founded in July 1987 Tile Heritage will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Supporters like YOU... members, major contributors, industry sponsors, generous grantors... everyone... have made possible the continued fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission to Document and Preserve tile history in the U.S., both past and present. THANK YOU!

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E-News for Summer 2016

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Tile Heritage Returns!
Sleuthing Tiles in the East Bay
Belvedere Apprentice Excels
Tile Tangle of Structural Elements
Final Salute for the Departed
E-News in Print

Tile Heritage Returns!

There are few things at Tile Heritage that bring us greater pleasure than publishing a new issue of Tile Heritage: A Review of American Tile History. It’s been some time since we did so!
For many years Tile Heritage presented a tile symposium every year, from 1991 in Doylestown to 2005 in Minneapolis and Duluth. Among other things the symposiums fostered scholarship in the field of ceramic tile history. Year after year knowledgeable people were invited to present papers at these gatherings and to provide the Foundation with their work to publish, hence the origin and purpose of the
Tile Heritage Review.

In 2011 with our 25th anniversary approaching, Tom Wyman, a longtime enthusiastic member of Tile Heritage, approached us hoping to entice us into republishing a special edition of the Review. Not only did he offer to write an article for it, he also enclosed a generous donation, which contributed greatly to publishing this particular issue. We have dedicated the journal to Tom and his wife Ellen, both of whom were avid tile collectors.


We’d like to acknowledge and thank the others who have contributed to the success of this publication: Mike Sims, teacher and tile historian from Zanesville and his colleague, Bill Gates, former curator at the Ohio Historical Society, both of whom have waited patiently for their work to be published; Michelle Lee, who presented her paper on Nemadji in Duluth a decade ago, sharing her research on this little known pottery; and Brian Kaiser, who literally dropped his jaw when he ‘discovered’ a heretofore unknown installation of custom-designed Batchelder tiles! Special thanks as well to Bob Flischel, master photographer in Cincinnati, whose work has adorned many Tile Heritage covers over the years; and to Susanne Cavicchi at Pratt & Larson, who assisted from her home in Portland to adjust and enhance a series of images, a job that had stymied me for months. And, most importantly, to our Industry Sponsors for their invaluable financial support.

And now to
YOU, those who have continued to financially sustain the Foundation over the years and more recently, our heartfelt thanks. Your support has allowed us to continue to fulfill the Foundation’s mission to promote an awareness and appreciation of ceramic surfaces in the United States.
Our current goal is the continued development of a public, online finding-aid index of the information we have gathered over the past 30 years. The index will be an important resource from which interested people may delve into the historic workings of America’s tile industry. Your membership contributions and generous responses to our funding solicitations underwrite this vital work. If you are not a current member of Tile Heritage, there is no better time to join (or rejoin) the Foundation. And if you would like us to publish additional issues of the
Tile Heritage Review in the future, please contribute directly to the Publishing Fund by making a separate donation for that specific purpose; we promise to save these funds for the next one. Thank you!

Tile Heritage: A Review of American Tile History Vol. 8, No. 2 is available for $12.00 (postage paid). Current members of Tile Heritage receive a copy whenever a new issue is published. Back issues are also available. Visit the Tile Heritage website for details.


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Belvedere Apprentice Excels
Submitted by Susan Martin, proprietor

Brianna Kramer, an apprentice at the Belvedere Art Tile studio in Chromo, Colorado has just completed a successful tile fireplace surround that has been installed locally.

“In looking back, I feel that I overcame a number of challenges during the project: creating the symbols from Native American pictographs and balancing the color pallet. By using a simple iron-oxide wash on the symbol tiles I was able to tie all the elements together in a balanced and harmonious way.
“The design and colors we chose for the fireplace tiles enhanced the customers’ living area and tied in well with the rest of the home. I am very proud of my achievement and, even more so, happy that someone can appreciate my artwork in their home for many years to come!” BK

Apprentice Brianna did a wonderful job in completing this project. She showed both dedication and diligence throughout the process and gained a lot of experience in working with our patient and appreciative clients.

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Three of Frank Giorgini's pre-installation images of the tiles.




The Artisans
Jean Shin, Artist:http://www.jeanshin.com/artist_statement.htm
Frank Giorgini, Tile Maker: http://www.udu.com/Udu_html/meettheartist.html
Stephen Miotto, Tile Setter:http://www.thirteen.org/program-content/slideshow-stephen-miottos-mosaics/

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